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The success of any project depends not only on the qualifications of the managers and developers, but also on the project management processes and communication with the client. We have created and implemented a technology that allows combining these key elements in a single information environment.

The software development and quality management process in our company is based on ISOand SRPP VT standards.

Using these standards as general guidelines, we have implemented our own internal standards that regulate the business processes in our company.

The software development process is based on the iteration approach.

To optimize the business processes in the company, the automated Project Tracking system (developed by our team) is used.

Project Tracking is used at all levels of our company from General Manager to programmers. The system streamlines project documentation management, task planning and control, man-hours tracking and reporting.

The system can be accessed via the Internet and intranet. Depending on the security settings, certain information can be open to all users, or only to particular user groups. Automatic e-mail notification can be performed.

The system enable all interested parties to easily manage projects.

The project documentation can be stored in various formats (MS Word, PDF, UML charts, MS Visio etc.). To control the source code versions during team development, the CVS system is used.

An independent QA department performs quality control using the applicable testing methods.

The QA department develops and performs a wide variety of tests, including reliability testing, workload testing etc.

The outgoing quality control of software is carried out by the expertise and control service independent from the QA department.

The next level of quality management may be provided by the customer.

The software development and quality management process at RELEX is very flexible and can be customized to the client's requirements (e.g. using certain design tools, project management tools etc.).